Chamber of Commerce presents award to Langmatz in recognition of dedication to vocational training

Industrial mechanic scores top marks in exam

One of the 9,200 or so companies in Upper Bavaria that offer vocational training is Langmatz GmbH from the market town of Garmisch-Partenkirchen. This year, the Chamber of Commerce (IHK) for Munich and Upper Bavaria awarded the plastic- and metal-processing company the distinction of “IHK-Ausbildungsbetrieb 2018 – Hier wurde ein Einser-Azubi ausgebildet” (IHK Vocational Training Company 2018 – A first-class candidate was trained here).

This award has been presented by the IHK since last year and is only given to companies recognised for their dedication to vocational training. When identifying worthy winners, one decisive criterion is having trainees who pass their exams with a “1” – the highest mark. That was the case at Langmatz this year: in the round of summer examinations for 2018, Melanie Brennauer passed her IHK exam to qualify as an industrial mechanic with a mark of “very good”. Not only that, but her training period was even shortened by half a year because of her prowess. This achievement certainly has a positive ring to it, but it also put the budding mechanic under more intense pressure, with a need to learn more in less time. Angelika Schubert, Vocational Training Coordinator at Langmatz, is thrilled with the award: “We are delighted to have been recognised by the IHK. We attribute this award to the truly outstanding performance of Ms Brennauer, and we also extend our thanks to her mentors Mr Strohmaier and Mr Haser. Through their in-depth expertise and tremendous dedication, these two gentlemen played a major part in this success story.” At Langmatz’s headquarters, Jens Wucherpfennig, Head of the IHK’s Weilheim branch office, was joined by Melanie Brennauer and her two mentors as he presented the award. According to the IHK, 798 of the 4,610 industrial mechanics who sat their exams nationwide in summer 2018 were awarded a mark of “very good”. Of these, 36 trainees passed with a mark of “1” this year in Upper Bavaria – including Melanie Brennauer and another female apprentice.

Industrial mechanic: a job profile

Vocational training to become an industrial mechanic at Langmatz involves manufacturing components of system solutions or equipment, as well as tools for production. Production methods such as sawing, milling, turning, laser-machining, bending, punching and welding are used in the process. The vocational training takes three and a half years. A high-school leaving certificate is required for admission (in Germany pupils from any one of the three levels of high school may apply). The content of the vocational training includes differentiating, classifying and handling materials and auxiliaries; manufacturing and assembling components and assemblies; testing systems, components and equipment; and ensuring the operability of technical systems and control technology.


The IHK for Munich and Upper Bavaria commends Melanie Brennauer’s performance at the headquarters of Langmatz GmbH.


(from left) Peter Eisenhofer, Jens Wucherpfennig (Leiter IHK Geschäftsstelle Weilheim), Dr. Matthias Schweicher, Melanie Brennauer (Einser-Absolventin Industriemechanikerin), Claus Strohmaier, Robert Fischer, Franz Haser und Angelika Schubert (Koordinatorin Ausbildung)