Langmatz wins the German Materials Efficiency Award 2009

Major success for Langmatz GmbH from Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

At this year’s competition for the German Materials Efficiency Award 2009, which was announced by the Ministry for Economic Affairs and Technology, Langmatz GmbH from Garmisch-Partenkirchen was the only company from Bavaria among the winners, together with three other SME’s and a research institute.

The entries submitted were assessed by a judging panel including representatives from the worlds of science, business and society under the technical supervision of Germany’s Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing. Here the judges were looking for verifiable and sustainable improvements in materials efficiency through operational innovations and measures.

The introduction of new processes, optimisation of production and reductions in materials/costs are just a few of the factors involved here. A national and international frontrunner operating as a niche provider of infrastructure products, Langmatz from Garmisch-Partenkirchen develops, manufactures and distributes innovative systems for the power supply, telecommunications and traffic engineering markets. As a competent and reliable partner, Langmatz offers customised system solutions and high-quality products that are “Made in Germany”. All manufacturing at the company is characterised by material usage that is environmentally sound and easy on resources.

Steady growth requires more granulate for the manufacture of plastic products every year. In 2008 the demand was for some 1500 tonnes of polycarbonate. In the past the raw material was procured from many different suppliers, but this resulted in supply shortages, major cost increases and problems with quality, particularly in summer.
The company then invested in new technology in several phases in order to move away from such dependence, with the total investment volume exceeding 1 million euros.
The use of a shredder-grinder system with a downstream compounder means that the required granulate can now be produced in-house through recycling. Today material rejects from the automotive industry and plastic waste, separated by colour, are shredded, ground up and compounded.

Returns from customers or in-house production are added to this recycling process at the same time. The simultaneous use of a handling robot in plastics production and uniform quality of materials guarantee additional yearly cost savings in the order of six figures.
At the beginning of December during the conference “Winning with efficiency. Successfully saving material and energy” this prize was presented by State Secretary Jochen Homann to Dr Andreas Hunscher and Karl-Otto Schmid on behalf of Langmatz at the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs in Berlin. This represents recognition of the many years of engagement shown by all staff at the firm from the highest possible level.

The prize money of 10,000 euros is being distributed by Management in full to the entire workforce as thanks for the outstanding performance of all employees, not just regarding development of recycling at the company, but throughout the organisation.



Awards ceremony in Berlin

from left to right: Karl-Otto Schmid, Dr. Andreas Hunscher, Moderator Conny Czymoch