Langmatz wins the WPC Innovation Award 2013

The big day finally arrived in December 2013: Germany’s fifth WPC Convention in Cologne selected three winners to receive the WPC Innovation Award 2013, one of them Langmatz.

The prize is awarded for ideas in the field of product development and product design, as well as new material-compatible applications in the WPC (Wood Plastic Composites) sector. Particular focus was placed on innovations already on the market or close to a market launch.

Josef Lohr as Project Manager at Langmatz GmbH presented a new WPC material, which was developed in cooperation with the SKZ German Plastics Center in Würzburg. The material features a high level of renewable materials. Further noteworthy properties of the WPC are the technical, economical and ecological advantages compared to the previous standard material.
Applications for which the developed material is suitable include our foam-moulded manhole systems using injection moulding.

The prize was accepted by Mr Stephan Wulf, General Manager of Langmatz GmbH, Mr Josef Lohr, Project Manager, and Mr Serhiy Yatsenko, Project Member at SKZ. Langmatz GmbH would like to thank SKZ for their successful cooperation as well as the Bavarian Research Foundation for supporting this project.