Langmatz wins the Environmental Award 2010 “Energy efficiency with staff participation”

To commemorate its 20th anniversary this year the German foundation “Stiftung Arbeit und Umwelt” of IG BCE, the mining, chemicals and energy trade union in Germany, announced the award of an environmental prize in the field of “Energy efficiency with staff participation”. It was to be conferred in recognition of “achievements in boosting energy efficiency”.

The essential condition: The measures in question, must, with their production processes or services make a practical contribution to environmental protection and sustainable development with the involvement of the workforce. The competition was open to companies, administrative organisations and facilities based in Germany from any sector with a minimum size of 20 employees.

All development and manufacturing at the company is characterised by material usage that is environmentally sound and easy on resources.

Material rejects from the automotive industry and plastic waste, separated by colour, are shredded, ground up and compounded. Returns from customers or in-house production are added to this recycling process at the same time.

Steady growth requires more granulate for the manufacture of plastic products every year. In 2008 the demand was for some 1500 tonnes of polycarbonate, but today we need around 3000 tonnes per year.

Benefits of recycling:

  • No dependence on suppliers
  • No supply shortages
  • No cost increases
  • Consistently good quality
  • Recycling of own production returns