Innovate strength meets performance

Langmatz vision

Based in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Langmatz GmbH develops, manufactures and distributes innovative systems for the power supply, telecommunications and traffic engineering industry segments.

As a future-oriented business Langmatz creates new jobs and reinforces its position as a national frontrunner while expanding into selected international markets through close ties to customers and sustainable growth.

Langmatz mission

Langmatz is a reliable partner for the realisation of customised system solutions and the supply of high-quality products.
Development and manufacturing at the company is characterised by material usage that is environmentally sound and easy on resources.

Langmatz is a fair employer that provides sound perspectives and sustainable jobs. Our corporate culture based on partnership provides scope for personal development. Occupational health and safety management plays a significant role in sustainably preserving the health of our employees.

Compliance at Langmatz

The observance of legal requirements is our top priority at Langmatz. Each employee must observe the legal regulations relevant to their activity. The code of conduct applies to all employees of Langmatz GmbH and all its subsidiaries.