Anyone can produce something off-the-shelf – we strive to meet your wishes and requirements

Langmatz custom manufacturing can make standard products into bespoke products. This means that we can meet customer-specific requirements – and produce small runs efficiently.
Our in-house design department is on hand to help transform your ideas into reality. All we need are specifications, sketches or a requirements description. Our bespoke services cover three areas:




1. Custom mechanical manufacture

Langmatz customises standard components together with mechanical processing and extra features. Our wide range of standard components provides us lots of options in terms of meeting your needs.



2. Electrical fixtures

Langmatz develops electrical fixtures based on your specifications and integrates them into housings such as cable distributors and exchanges and underground distribution systems. We can even arrange to customfit fuse boxes and small outdoor and indoor cabinets and there’s no time-consuming and costly administration work involved.



3. Customer-specific installation

Langmatz uses its existing product portfolio to manufacture according to your requirements. We make project-specific design variants and our customised production department installs them in the end product. In the process, based on your needs we can incorporate housing design, products that you supply and a diverse range of installation variants.