50 years of Langmatz | Our celebration event

28 October 2013
We hope you enjoyed our variety entertainment programme and creative 50th anniversary celebration. Thank you for all of your wishes and presents.

Stephan Wulf, CEO Langmatz GmbH







To picture bar, f.l.: CEO Stephan Wulf during his welcoming speech, Langmatz Pixelpainting (was distributed among the guests throughout the evening), our exhibition “Langmatz Impressions”
Bottom picture bar, f.l.: Impressions of the Langmatz History light and laser show as told by a polycarbonate granulate particle.

Press release:

Münchner Merkur

Kreisbote Garmisch-Partenkirchen


The “Technology meets Art and Creativity” exhibition in honour of the anniversary features 30 exhibits. These were presented in the foyer of the Convention Centre Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Three winning pictures were chosen in this art competition and honoured during the anniversary celebration.

1st prize: “Searching for Traces” by Sabine Mannheims

2nd prize: “50 Years Langmatz QR Code” by Anna Higgs

3rd prize: “Secret of L” by Karin Lämmle




2013 was characterized by intensive “Searching for Traces” (1st prize). Up to now, many facts and information from the 50 years of history of the company have been bundled (2nd prizes, 50 Years Langmatz QR Code). The “secret of Langmatz” stands for the basis of success of the company and still applies today (3rd prize, “Secret of L”).

Exhibition open to the public: November – December 2013 in the ART Gallery Gabi Hoffmann
(Fürstenstraße 27, 82567 Garmisch-Partenkirchen)
Internal exhibition: Starting from 2014 in the company offices of Langmatz GmbH