Our flexible new Vario Module EK328/338/578/618 for polycarbonate manholes

With the Vario Module, the Langmatz manhole portfolio is extended by important features when expanding and using larger manholes with a clear dimension of 800 – 1600 mm. The new frame element offers a series of features that enable larger entry ports of up to 160 mm and a combined variety of smaller ports with an adapter plate. Depending on its size, a Vario Module features 3 to 6 of such adapter plates…

So, just what is the newly added flexibility of the Langmatz Vario Module?

  • Variable installation location – due to the standard design height of 220 mm, the new VarioModule can be installed at any height and on any side for manholes with a clear dimension of 800, 1165, 1400, 1600 mm in connection with standard frame elements. The stability of this frame element is given by its galvanised steel frame design.
  • Variable access to the adapter plates – the adapter plates are easily inserted and extracted by simple clip technology to be prepared for their respective purpose.
  • Variable adapter plate assignment – the predefined break point with 160 mm enables the different entry ports with a diameter of up to 160 mm. Stepped grommets (for pipes with a diameter of 110, 125, 140 mm) or conduit seals (for entry ports up to approx. 80 mm) can be used for sealing of the entry ports. It is also possible to cut out a larger number of smaller bore holes into the adapter plate with little effort. There is practically no limit to the variety of applications.

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