Company Partnership: Visit by Bayernwerk AG

10 May 2016
Recently senior management of Langmatz GmbH welcomed an important and experienced business partner Bayernwerk AG represented by Reimund Gotzel, Chairman of the Board, and Dr. Alexander Fenzl, Managing Director of Bayernwerk Natur GmbH…

Reimund Gotzel and Dr. Alexander Fenzl visited the new Langmatz Sales and Service Centre in Finkenstraße with the aim of further consolidating the lengthy relationship between the two companies. A tour of the exhibition “Langmatz-Worlds” was followed by inspection of the static load-testing hydraulic press whilst in operation.

The focus of the visit was to explain current key areas of development and the identification of common fields of interest in upcoming years. The discussions also included joint projects to step up cooperation. For decades Langmatz GmbH has proved its reliability as a supplier to Bayernwerk AG and its predecessor companies. Langmatz develops and distributes numerous products for the power engineering sector.

Sustainability and careful use of resources are issues that play a key role in the corporate strategy of Langmatz GmbH. Bayernwerke Natur installed the first combined heat and power plant in Langmatz’s Garmisch works in 2015, yet another co-generation plant for the Oberau site is scheduled to go into operation this year.


(from left) Dieter Mitterer, Reinhard Kreusel, Stephan Wulf, Raimund Gotzel (Bayernwerk), Dr. Alexander Fenzl (Bayernwerk), Leonhard Reitzner