Fast track to innovation with Langmatz fibre solutions

Langmatz is your innovative and competent partner for development of FTTx network components. Langmatz offers a wide variety of products starting with an central office optical fibre distribution frame all the way down to the optical network termination device (ONU).


The best ideas are inspired by truely understanding the market!

As your system solution provider, Langmatz is manufacturing outdoor cabinets, cable & pipe entry systems, underground distribution systems as well as polycarbonate manholes with a large choice of purpose built accessories since many years. Langmatz can look back at a long history of development know-how for fibre optic outside plant components and individually customised solutions.


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The best new products are created by inspired people!

The Langmatz FTTx Portfolio:

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An inspired system partner is able to host a yearly recurring broadband symposium!

Langmatz is hosting an annual broadband symposium and in-house exhibition since 2012. Invited guest speakers inform the broad audiance of the latest trends and developments in FTTx networks.

Click the links below to view presentations held at events starting from 2012 – 2018 or contact us directly to become involved in future events.

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The complete Langmatz FTTx portfolio: