Central office optical distribution frame (CO-ODF) EK 575

Langmatz is once again leading in the market for FTTx system components with a solution combining ease of assembly, planning reliability and efficiency…

The Langmatz central office optical distribution frame is

  • Easy to assemble – as the bundled fibres are guided to a splice tray assembly without requiring complex stripping first.
  • Planning-reliable – as a universal patch tray assembly can be installed for cable management on either the left or right side. Mix-up or incorrect population is not possible. Expansion planning is simplified by an order of magnitude.
  • Efficient – as exactly one patch tray assembly is required for one splice tray assembly – an advantage resulting from the fact that both assemblies feature the same design accommodating the same capacities.

The new Langmatz CO-ODF housing comprises the assembly frame containing the splice trays and patch trays, as well as the cable riser housings for cable management and excess cable length management. Fibre optic cables can be fed in from both above and below the rack.


The most important features at a glance:

  • Assembly frame made of aluminium containing the splice and patch sub-rack assemblies
  • Cable routing via the cable risers and the channels in the base
  • Housing dimensions WxHxD ETSI:   530 x 122 x 280 mm
  • Number of splice cassettes:  48 for a total of 96 splices (expandable up to 54)
  • Suitable for SC, LC and E2000 adaptors/pigtails
  • Cable entry (patch cables/pigtails) without threading
  • Pairing of splice and patch assemblies, handling up to 96 connections
  • Modular expansion options for both patch and splice assemblies


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