Langmatz receives AOK Silver certification 2016 for occupational health management

12 May 2016
In Mai 2016, Langmatz was certified by AOK as a “Healthy Company”. The Bavarian AOK branch, AOK Bayern, supports companies in providing systematic occupational health management (OHM) with sustainable structures and in designing work processes in a healthier manner. As of this year, companies demonstrating outstanding performance are being awarded by AOK Bayern with Bronze, Silver, or Gold certificates…

In the certification process, Langmatz achieved a Silver rating based on quality standards set out by AOK – as the second company throughout Bavaria! “We take pride in our OHM certificate. Within three years, we have put in place a structured health management system that now is a living, integral component of our company culture”, stated Reinhard Kreusel in his acceptance statement at the Langmatz premises on Finkenstraße.

Since 2013, under the direction of the OHM Coordinator, Angelika Schubert, and the health working team, numerous measures and individual campaigns have been taking place aiming to promote health, as well as reduce strains and health risks at work.
It all started out in 2013 with a fruit basket in three locations, which was greeted with an immediate warm reception. Many individual measures have since ensued, involving the topics of ergonomics at work and back health (back training, compensatory gymnastics, the Employer’s Liability Insurance Association Backmobile, Back Health Day, movement assessment for computer workstations), sport and fitness (jogging and power walking; football tournaments; marathons, such as the AOK-City-Lauf and B2run München; biathlons; and paddling), nutrition and health (presentations on green smoothies, cooking workshop), and prevention and health promotion (course on quitting smoking, colorectal cancer prevention, workshop on stress management), to name just a few of the most important ones. These measures are accompanied by annual safety training sessions and risk analyses of working conditions carried out by the Occupational Safety department.

A great deal of specialist knowledge was contributed by AOK Bayern, which offered the services of Barbara Schaffenrath, an experienced consultant for occupational health management, at the Langmatz company premises. During a single-day audit, AOK auditors were immediately convinced by several areas tested. In their assessment, they found the systematic procedure undertaken by Langmatz in defining aims, deriving appropriate measures, as well as documenting and communicating them, to be particularly extraordinary.

(from left) Robert Allmann (AOK), Stefan Schackmann (Director AOK), Karl-Otto Schmid, Barbara Schaffenrath (AOK), Robert Fischer, Angelika Schubert, Stefan Legler, Rainer Capka, Reinhard Kreusel

The OHM Coordinator, Angelika Schubert, the driving force behind the activities at Langmatz, works alongside the OHM working team in making a major contribution to the healthy design of working conditions and ensuring of good quality of life at work. We hereby extend to her our special thanks.