Langmatz at the cooperation forum “Wood as a new material” in Regensburg on 12 November 2015

12 November 2015
Bayern Innovativ GmbH issues an invitation to the second cooperation forum “Wood as a new material” taking place in Regensburg on 12 November 2015. One of the experts speaking at this event is Mr Josef Lohr from Langmatz, whose paper is entitled “Further development of WPC technology for efficient, sustainable infrastructure – Products – Processes, economy, ecology”. On this occasion Mr Lohr will be presenting the new material ecopolytec to a wider audience for the first time…

Bayern Innovativ GmbH and its partners are devoting this cooperation forum to the subject of wood as a material for industry. Sustainability objectives and climate protection challenges have led to a growing demand for raw materials that conserve the earth’s resources. The renewable material wood is increasing in importance thanks to its superior technical properties and positive life cycle assessment, so going far beyond its typical applications.

As a manufacturer of high-quality products in the fields of power engineering, telecommunications and traffic engineering, Langmatz is firmly convinced of the need to actively contribute to the conservation of resources and ecology. Its declared objective is to introduce a new product line that largely consists of renewable raw materials. With this end in mind, Langmatz set up an extensive research project in cooperation with the SKZ German Plastics Centre, and the result of their work is the new material known as ecopolytec.

Where civil engineering and infrastructure products are concerned, ecopolytec is the first ecological, recyclable and sustainable solution on offer. It is a foam-moulded structure wood polymer composite (WPC) made with 45% wood and is suitable for manufacturing complex moulded components using thermoplastic foam injection moulding (TSG). The development of high-quality and environmentally friendly products represents a major advance in WPC technology.

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