Langmatz “basicguide” signal requesting device EK 524 – the solid basic unit suitable for all types of traffic controller systems

Operational with universal voltage and multi-functional

The EK 524 basicguide is a signal requesting device for pedestrians and visually impaired people with pre-defined standard settings. The device operates with universal voltage (20 to 253 V), meaning it can be used with any available traffic light controller. Two options can be selected from for operation by pedestrians: They can either request the signal by pressing a large push-button with an isolated micro switch or by means of a touch capacitive sensor based on the principle of dynamic measurement. Further, the device can be set for visual feedback with a flashing function…

The capacitive sensor detects changes in its range, such as a layer of ice or dirt, and adjusts itself accordingly. The advantage: The self-regulating resonant circuit does not trigger a continuous pedestrian request signal to the traffic controller. It is therefore totally reliable; regardless of weather conditions and works even if the user is wearing gloves. The device also features a tactile crossing signal – a pulsed vibration – ideal for the visually impaired. This prevents pedestrians from confusing the crossing signal with other factors, such as structure-borne vibration in the traffic light pole caused by heavy traffic.

Easy to install and protected against vandalism

The pedestrian push button is suitable for all commonly used lighting pole diameters and is easy to install. It can be installed without removing the vibration unit. Existing mounting holes in the lighting pole can often be reused when replacing already installed devices. In addition, colour-coded connection wires with dedicated functions help ease the installation. Once installed, the basicguide is extremely resistant to vandalism due to its high mechanical strength and stainless-steel protection. It operates reliably in a temperature range of -25 to +60 degrees Celsius. Approved by all major signal engineering firms, it is compliant with DIN 32981 (10.2016), EN 50293, IK10 and IP54.

 Used in conjunction with the Langmatz EK 98 acoustic signalling device, it provides orientation sounds and/or crossing signals that adapt to the traffic noise. Both as a sensor and push-button, the new Langmatz basicguide offers a particularly robust solution conforming to relevant standards.
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