2nd Langmatz Broadband-Symposium + Open House, 13 and 14 March 2013

15 March 2013
Dear participants of the second Langmatz Broadband-Symposium, I would like to thank you on behalf of Langmatz GmbH and our partners 3M Deutschland GmbH, Rehau AG +Co, Opternus GmbH, MaxCell Innerduct as well as Geodata GmbH, HouseCom Solutions GmbH, HFU Hochschule Furtwangen University for the outstanding success of our Symposium…

The large number of participants from energy utilities, municipalities, planning offices and network providers from all over Germany provided a competent framework for the event. A packed symposium with five highly interesting presentations showed that the many interested parties focus on an infrastructure expansion with fibre optic networks.

Today’s network investments for the next decades must be well thought through. There are several drivers generating bandwidth. The questions of how to provide this bandwidth to the customers in a sustainable manner, is increasingly answered with the expansion of fibre optic networks. How to best solve this question on site was the central subject of many discussions. We were particularly pleased that this topic was lively discussed on the second day with the exhibiting companies, speakers and within numerous groups of participants. It was a pleasure to open our plant in Oberau for this purpose and to also provide you with an insight into our production. You and the lively discussions at a high technical level let the event come alive. We would like to thank you for this!

Yours sincerely,
Stephan Wulf
Managing Director (CEO) Langmatz GmbH

Many thanks to our speakers, whose presentations significantly contributed to a successful Broadband-Symposium.

You can download our event review here: