Langmatz GmbH receives the “Sicher mit System” (“Systematic Safety”) certificate from the BG RCI employer liability insurance association

15 September 2016
The occupational safety and health protection unit at Langmatz was certified by the BG RCI employer liability insurance association in August 2016. The company has thus successfully completed a major milestone in establishing its occupational safety management system (OSM)…

The increasing number of quote requests from customers indicates the significance of a well-organised occupational safety system. For international tenders, more and more questions are being asked regarding occupational safety and health protection management. Throughout all of Germany, Langmatz is among some 250 companies in the industry to have received the “Systematic Safety” seal of quality from BG RCI.

Company management views occupational safety and health protection to be extremely important and ensures the organisational and financial support to match. Preparations for this certificate were under way for two years. For this purpose, the organisation of occupational safety was fundamentally restructured in close cooperation with company management, the unit and department heads, the works council, safety officers and the company physician.

Supervisors have developed much greater awareness of their responsibility regarding their employees. Important documents such as safety training documentation, risk assessments and operating instructions are being followed and subjected to a well-ordered change service and periodic inspection.
An occupational safety committee (OSC) meets on a regular basis together with the company physician and works council to discuss current issues as well as methods of resolution and to define any measures required. The primary objective is to completely avoid work accidents for every employee – always according to the Langmatz motto: Whoever goes to work healthy in the morning, should also go home healthy at night.



(from left) Karl-Otto Schmid, Reinhard Kreusel, Prof. Dr. Bernd Scheel (BG RCI), Reiner Capka