Langmatz joins Cluster Mechatronics & Automation e.V. | February 2014

28 February 2014
Mechatronics is of special importance at Langmatz. With a combination of mechanical and electrical engineering research, new product ideas are implemented and developed to a mature serial production…

Our own high content manufacturing range, equipped with modern production processes – is important as well as highly competitive. Automation is one of the greatest challenges to consequently support our employees during the working processes and to produce high-quality products.

“Innovation meets Performance” as company motto of Langmatz GmbH emphasizes our motivation to always generate new ideas and introduce innovative products into the market.

Our primary concern as medium-sized company is to present our potential to a broad network of the cluster and to establish new contacts and collaborations. At the same time, we would like to contribute our expertise and experiences to the further industry development in Bavaria.