Langmatz fuse box EK 480 with surge protection device – for extended service life of (LED) street lights

This new product made by Langmatz is a further development of proven technology. It distinguishes itself by several specific features:

  • Longer service life
    The EK 480 fuse box in this design features a multipole surge protection device to protect street lights against overvoltage. This new Langmatz product features innovative technology combined with a compact housing and contributes to an extended service life of (LED) street lights…

    • Enhanced area of application
      The surge protection device developed together with electrical engineering expert DEHN was permanently integrated into the compact EK 480 standard housing. It is suitable for installations with inner lighting pole diameters of 90 mm and is thus suitable for the majority of street lighting poles. The connections are easily accessible and visible from the outside through the transparent housing cover.
    • Added value
      One of the special features of this device is a second protected phase that can be used for different purposes, e.g. for a second street light, the control phase for half-night switching, Christmas lighting or just a power socket.
    •  Enhanced protection
      In case of an electronics malfunction, the phase(s) is/are switched off and a visable LED malfunction display on the device supports root cause analysis by the technician. Thus, the street light does not simply continue operation when the surge protection device is inactive and the light is not protected anymore. This greatly enhances the protection for your street lights.

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