New accessories for manholes made of polycarbonate

Langmatz engineers are continually striving to improve and expand the manhole portfolio. This includes simple polycarbonate manholes as well as complex turnkey solutions utilising underground distribution systems for telecommunication, energy and traffic engineering. In doing so, they address the requirements that arise in everyday practice and whose solutions lead to an ever wider range of applications for our product portfolio…


Optical intrusion detection sensor for manholes EK 333

Comprehensive control and monitoring of network infrastructure access significantly contribute to network security and the reliability of communication networks. The optical manhole monitoring unit is used for the early detection of external interference and immediate initialisation of countermeasures. The status of the optical intrusion detection sensor (open/closed) is permanently queried via an optical analysis unit in the central office according to the OTDR measuring principle. The attenuation strength and the reflection of the light is compared to a reference measurement.


Micropipe adapter EK 568 / 992

The versatile use of Langmatz manholes is ensured in everyday practice not least by the numerous possibilities of introducing cables and wires and the numerous possibilities of adaptation to the respective medium.
The innovative micropipe adapter expands the Langmatz range of accessories for polycarbonate manhole systems by an essential component required for optical fibre rollouts. The adapter can be integrated into any standard manhole frame for sand-proof entry of micropipe bundles and pipes. The leak-tightness is ensured by flexible elastomer sealing lugs. The adapters available for openings with a diameter of 110 mm can be equipped with up to 3x micropipe bundles/pipes/cables with a diameter of up to 50 mm.


Triangular hinged cover EK 428

Due to their geometry, the individual hinged covers (57 kg) can be opened easily by a single person with an operating force of just 25 kg. Together with the protection against unintentional falling back of the opened cover (fastening clamp with sophisticated spring mechanism), the triangular hinged cover impressively enables easy yet safe access to the manhole.

An optionally available height adjustment is part of the standard requirements of a manhole system made by Langmatz, as is a surface finish in cobblestone design, both of which support adaptation to the surroundings. The triangular hinged cover is available for manholes with clear dimensions of 800 x 1400 mm and is supplied with a COLT/TELENET locking mechanism.