Optical fibre distribution and termination device EK 440 compact – inspired by the practise

The Langmatz compact optical fibre distribution and termination box enables the management of 12 optical fibres integrated into a robust, protected polycarbonate housing (protection rating IP 54). It’s impressively easy to handle and install, and meets the high quality standards required for housing, mounting and commissioning sophisticated fibre optic technology…

Flexibility down to the smallest detail

  • W x H x D:  163 x 242 x 46 mm
  • Left or right cables/micropipe ports with a diameter of 5, 7, 10 or 12 mm can be freely chosen
  • Removable mounting panel for fibre and adaptor/speice protection management
  • Slot for 6 adaptors
  • Accommodates commercially available gas stops for micropipes
  • Installation/commissioning/service without special tools
  • Various locking mechanism options for the housing, including security seal

Stability and safety – for installation and operation

  • Guided fibre management with integrated routing in the mounting panel
  • Protected area for safe connection and cable management
  • Minimum bending radius maintained using predefined fibre routing
  • Outlet cable protected by a silicone seal
  • Optical adaptor replacement during ongoing operation


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