New Products | Optical fibre distribution and termination device EK 330

The Langmatz optical fibre distribution and termination device is a quality product that combines innovative as well as proved and tested features. It enables the management of 12 optical fibres using a flexible installation plate integrated into a robust, protected housing made from polycarbonate (IP 54 protection). It is characterised by easy handling and installation. It also meets the high quality standards required for entry, laying and commissioning sophisticated fibre optic technology…

Performance features

Flexibility – down to the last detail

  • Cable inlet/outlet can be freely selected from the top or bottom
  • A flexible mounting panel supports fibre management for different applications
  • Insertion option for micro-pipes or optical fibre cables with a diameter of 5-12 mm
  • Micro-pipes can be sealed using commercially available strain reliefs
  • Separate expansion for (fibre) couplers and pigtails, supported by an individual, 6-piece coupler guide with predefined breaking points
  • Removable splice cassette for splicing fibres
  • Side by side installation of additional housings is possible on both sides for capacity upgrades
  • Installation/Commissioning/Service without special tools
  • Various locking mechanism options for the housing

Stability and safety – for installation and operation

  • Fibre management via a guide in the housing and in the splice cassette
  • Protected area for safe connection and cable management (lockable cover)
  • Bending radii are maintained using predefined fibre guides
  • Subscriber cable entry protected via silicone seal
  • Coupling replacement during ongoing operation

Area of application

  • Transfer to customer/distribution network
  • Single family home/multiple family dwelling and/or corporate client sector
  • Applicable for a plug connection and fusion splice


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