QualityBox | TechnicBox | EasyBox | EcotecBox – the up-to-date manhole portfolio

Langmatz engineers are continually striving to improve and expand the manhole portfolio. This includes simple polycarbonate manholes as well as complex turnkey solutions utilising underground distribution systems for telecommunication, energy and traffic engineering.

Langmatz presents its products under the following slogan

“Alive with Technology!”


We are proud to present our customers the four pillars of the Langmatz manhole program:

Designed to resist or simply indestructible; this applies specially for the QualityBox. The 3D- ribFrame technology is synonymous with stability, load capability and endurance. Numerous sizes and configurations, a flexible and modular structure and a large range of accessories ensure a wide variety of applications.

Our Langmatz TechnicBox protects complex installations and applications. Such innovative products best represent our company slogan “Innovation meets performance”. Numerous possible applications can be immediately thought of with many more to come. Almost any type of utility requirement, such as power, water or telecommunications, that needs to be buried and protected from the elements, can be accommodated for whilst still retaining easy access for installation and maintenance. Examples for such solutions are underground distribution systems for modern optical fibre networks, power networks, traffic control systems, exhibition-, market square- and car park utility supply systems, SOS pillars for motorways as well as ski resort snow machine installations.

Our sturdy lightweight in the Langmatz manhole family, the Langmatz EasyBox, is a highly user-friendly product manufactured of industrial grade plastics. Our EasyBox features simple transport requirements, quick and easy handling and installation whilst maintaining excellent compatibility to existing solutions. Even the price is easy on the wallet.

Plastic is a durable and lightweight material which has proven its worth in civil engineering applications. Enriching this with renewable raw materials was the declared aim of a long-term project promoted by the Bavarian Research Foundation. This research culminated in the Langmatz EcotecBox, a sustainable manhole system consisting of WPCs (wood-polymer composites).