Redesigned access protection for manholes EK 525

Today our society depends on technical systems more than ever before. Information and communication technology are the prerequisite for banking transactions and the like. Almost every aspect of our daily lives is supported by modern technology. All these technical systems and installations require certain basic services to function properly.
To protect critical infrastructure, Langmatz manholes can be equipped with the newly developed access protection. In this way, Langmatz meets the requirements of network operators and motorway authorities for greater security…

The access protection from Langmatz is a protection system in resistance class RC 2 for polycarbonate or concrete manholes. The system comes in various security levels. It can be positioned freely at any height in the manhole and various manhole covers such as paved and cast iron are possible. The system is also easy to retrofit.

The standard version prevents unauthorised access by means of a swivel lever lock and predetermined breaking points at the lifting handles. In the extended versions, the ingress of liquids is additionally prevented by sealing the cover against the sealing frame and an optional drainage function.
The access protection is available for all Langmatz standard manholes with clear dimensions of 400 – 2200 mm x 400 – 800 mm and thus covers a very wide range of applications.

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