Langmatz flood proof underground cabinet EK 890 with active Streamtec heat management suitable for telecommunications technology – an innovation from Garmisch-Partenkirchen

Underground distribution systems make it possible to integrate infrastructure components of various sizes invisibly into the urban landscape and protect them from water ingress and vandalism. Wherever polycarbonate manholes supplied by Langmatz are used as underground distribution systems, technologies installed inside are generally protected against water flooding by the use of an air tight compartment working according to the diving-bell concept.
Under the product designation EK 890, Langmatz now offers systems featuring active StreamTec excess heat management for underground systems in order to prevent components from overheating…

In accordance with the “air circulation” principle, the excess heat management system features a fan array installed in a sealed manhole system that keeps the internal temperature consistent. In this situation, any excess heat generated is discharged from the manhole compartment and away from the components by means of heat conduction and forced convection.

With the help of the pre-installed fan array, excess heat is dissipated away from the components to beyond the boundary of these outwardly open systems through a transfer of air masses. The fresh air supply feeding the fan array is ducted from the outside through a system of pipes and intelligent filter stages and is circulated around the installed active modules. The heated air is subsequently discharged from the manhole via openings in the cover.

A quick glance at the performance characteristics shows that active equipment with a generated excess heat loss of up to 500 watts at an ambient temperature of 38 degrees Celsius is able to operate safely in the underground distribution system. The system features a redundant fan array with control system that can generate and send an alarm signal to the respective control centre in the event of a fault.

The concreted manhole cover (D 400) is lockable and equipped with integrated ventilation slots. The external dimensions of the manhole are 842 x 1327 mm, with a clear dimension of 650 x 1165 mm.


The most important features of the system at a glance:

  • Access chamber clear dimensions 650 x 1165 mm
  • Protects installed components against ingress of water via the well-known “diving bell” principle
  • StreamTec excess heat management protects electronic components against overheating
  • A redundant fan array in combination with a flood-protected air-exchange pipe system ensures effective excess heat dissipation
  • For easy access the electronic components are installed in a retractable flood-proof cabinet
  • Active technology assemblies can be comfortably installed into provided slots and serviced at any time
  • Customised mounting plates and brackets ensure universal equipment support
  • Excess power dissipation of 400 to 500 W at ambient temperature of 38° C
  • Locked access chamber covers provide protection against vandalism

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