Polycarbonate Foundations EK980 for DC charging stations

Polycarbonate Foundations EK980 for DC charging stations


Clear dimensions: 650 x 800 mm

Total weight Approx.: 110 kg

Low transport, logistics and installation costs

Excellent time flexibility in civil engineering


When implementing charging infrastructure projects, the effi cient installation of charging columns is an important decision-making criterion. This is possible with the innovative solution from Langmatz. With the easy-to-install foundation, companies can prepare the charging infrastructure for employees or customers and gradually equip it with charging columns as required.
The structure, made of high-quality plastic, and the innovative, patented 3D ribFrame technology® ensure durability and problem-free installation. The Langmatz plastic foundation features mounts for the most common charging columns and wall box columns (including Mennekes, ABL, wirelane, innogy, compleo, KEBA, etc.). In order to cope with the constantly increasing number of charging columns, Langmatz is continuously expandingits range. Please refer to our website for the current list.

Product features - Body

  • Innovative manhole structure with 3D ribFrame Modular, resistant, and durable system solution that can be adapted to the specific location
  • Modular manhole structure Flexible, adapts to the respective situation and easy to handle
  • Modified polycarbonate (PC) Hard-wearing, certified groundwater compatibility, UV-resistant


  • Low transport, logistics and installation costs
    • Low weight
    • Installation without crane
    • No concrete foundation necessary
    • Variable installation depth
    • Flexible predetermined breaking points for cable entries
    • Flexible and exchangeable column mount design
    • Operating equipment can be accommodated in the empty manhole space
  • Great time flexibility in civil engineering
    • Fast installation of the foundation
    • Polycarbonate foundation and charging column can be installed separately
    • One-off civil engineering work even despite later addition of subsequent charging columns


  • Cast-iron cover complies with load class B125 in accordance with DIN EN 124
  • Earthing and strain relief kit