Manhole entry ports | Adaptations


Predetermined breaking points

  • Standard predetermined breaking points for easy access are provided for ∅ 110, 160 mm entry ports
  • Predetermined breaking points are closed in the factory and can be opened on site with ease

Stepped spouts

  • Stepped spouts allow small pipe sizes to be accommodated, they are cut to the required diameter
  • Stepped spouts are available for ∅ 110 mm and ∅ 160 mm entry ports and can be used for tubes with ∅ 40, 50, 63, 75, 90, 100, 110, 125, 140 mm
  • For ∅ 110 mm entry ports, 4 to 6 spouts are included in the basic installation kit

Protective conduit seal EK 186

  • Protective counduit seals are mainly suitable for protecting pipes within the manhole against silting
  • They are available for ∅ 50, 110 and 160 mm entry ports and used to insert cables or thin tubes directly through the break point
  • A special insert made from dimpled foam provides a reliable seal against soil ingress
  • The protective conduit seals can be opened-up and are thus also usable on cables or pipes that are already laid

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Micropipe adapter

  • Can be mounted on any standard Ø 110 mm predefined break point
  • Maximum assignment: 3x micropipe bundles/pipes/cables up to Ø 50 mm
  • Enables sand-proof entry of pipes and micropipe bundles

Vario Module

  • For manholes with clear dimensions of 550, 800, 1165, 1400, 1600 mm
  • Modules can be installed at any height and lateral position, standard frame height 220 mm
  • Equipped with 2-6 easily removable adapter plates, assembled with clip technology
  • The adapter plates have predetermined breaking points ∅ 160 mm
  • The predetermined breaking point can be reduced to ∅ 140, 125, 110 mm using stepped grommets
  • Protective pipe seals provide for media entry ports up to ∅ 80 mm
  • It is also possible to drill customised sized and shaped holes into the given adapter plateView more

Overbuild Option

Frame with rectangular openings

  • Manholes can be installed on existing structures (overbuild) (e.g. existing pipe and duct routes)
  • Appropriate adapter plates are used to integrate the structures
  • Unused openings are closed with closing plates


Use of adapter plates made from elastomer

  • The required opening radiuses can be simply cut-out from the adapter plates

Use of adapter plates with predetermined breaking points

  • Predetermined breaking points on the adapter plates can be opened on site with ease


Further information can be found under accessories.

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