Continuous height adjustment

Manholes can be equipped with a height adjustment kit, offering the following advantages:

  1. Optimal fit of the upper edge of the manhole level to the surface of the ground
  2. Continuous height and angle adjustment between the head frame and steel frame
  3. All four sides can be levelled separately
  4. Height can be adjusted by up to 50 mm


After the manhole has been installed in the foundation pit and the backfill has been compressed to the upper edge of the head frame, the steel frame is then levelled.

1. Adjusting the upper frame and adjustment to the intended height
2. After the height has been adjusted, remove the frame and place it next to the manhole
3. Fill the cavity with the recommended mortar. Formwork (shuttering) protects the inner walls of the manhole.

4. After the seam has been filled, the upper frame is returned into position.

Schritt-55. After the level has been checked, the street surface is completed in accordance with ZTV A-STB 12.

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