Langmatz manhole covers – safe and durable thanks to high-quality materials

  • Durability and safety of Langmatz manhole covers is achieved by using stainless steel frame and cover trough, durable and removable silicone seals as well as durable sealing tape covering the entire load surface.
  • Thanks to high-quality materials, the manhole cover can be easily lifted even after many years of operation.
  • In the case of multi-part covers, easy access to the manhole is achieved by the use of the removable cross beam.
  • Continuous height adjustment enable adjustment to any road surface level.
  • Supports for retainer lugs facilitate transport and cover assembly.
  • Covers for culvert manhole can be operated by a single person.
  • For more than 15 years, Langmatz has delivered customised solutions with numerous bracing options.








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