The Future of Lighting and Energy Management

  • Thanks to highest reception performance, radio ripple control receivers made by Langmatz offer good reception in basement rooms and metering cabinets.
  • Overall lighting management in cities and municipalities leads to significant energy savings.
  • Langmatz receivers help implement the control of energy feed-in management systems requested by the legislator.
  • Timer functions can indepedently process switching commands and thus significantly reduce the operating effort.
  • Minimum installation effort, easy assembly and low maintenance effort ensure a low initial investment and a quick return of investment.
  • 16 years of practical experience and 1,000,000 devices in the field impressively showcase our competence as full-service provider for devices, software and consultation.


Advantages | Radio Ripple Control Receiver Technology

  • Radio ripple control enables modern load management, lighting control, tariff switching as well as individually customisable circuitry.
  • Group and individual control, accurate to the second, covering the whole of Germany, creates additional flexibility for power utility companies.
  • Prevent network-related disruptions regardless of the network.
  • Access controls and safety checks ensure high safety standards and high availability in daily use.
  • The central long-wave network offered by EFR GmbH (European RRCR operator) covers the whole of Germany and parts of Central Europe in a cost-efficient manner.
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