Langmatz’s EK 533 signal requesting device will lead you across the road safely


  • These highly modular devices from Langmatz incorporate built-in acoustics as well as exchangeable upper-half housing parts incorporating either a push-button or touch-sensor for operational use.
  • Operator controlled software setups permit mixed environment installations in conjunction with older or modern traffic-light control systems. With older signalling systems it is possible to retrofit acoustics for the visually impaired without interfering in the traffic control system itself.
  • The traffic-noise dependent acoustics with orientation and enable signal can be software-customised as per given country-specific requirements. Changes are possible whilst in fully operational mode and without opening the device itself.
  • Voice prompts (acoustic request acknowledgement) can be configured individually and adapted to every traffic environment.
  • Tactile relief symbols, which are configurable on site, provide visually impaired people with a detailed description of the pedestrian crossing. These tactile sysmbols can be re-customised at any time following the original installation.
  • Tested mechanical stability and compact design offers outstanding protection against vandalism.
  • Drilling templates and an adjustable traffic light pole adaptor ensure fast and accurate mechanical fitting to all standard sized traffic light pole diameters including flat surfaces.
  • Visually impaired people can utilise the concealed push-button to issue a separate request, activating a longer green phase and triggering an acoustic enable signal as well as a vibration tactile feedback. The tactile crossing symbols incorporated in the push-button indicate the crossing direction and are simple to replace and adjust in case of site reassignment.
  • 35 years of market experience has provided us with a wealth of expertise required to build advanced signal requesting devices.

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