Langmatz marketplace distribution systems – modern distribution systems for marketplaces and sensitive inner-city areas

Modern distribution systems for marketplaces and sensitive inner-city areas

In almost every municipality, there are marketplaces, fairgrounds and inner-city areas that require a stationary supply of power, not to mention piping for fresh and waste water. With a view to contemporary city planning and the preservation of heritage, these distribution stations should fit into the existing streetscape as seamlessly as possible, be inconspicuous and reflect the specific character of the town. In order to develop, produce and deliver cityscape-compliant solutions in the age of modern marketplace design and urban renewal, Langmatz has been manufacturing underground/marketplace distribution systems that can be installed flood-secure underground since 2004. Underground distribution system solutions from Langmatz put an end to cable clutter.

Advantages of Langmatz underground/marketplace distribution systems

  • Easy installation
  • A wide range of application options
  • Fixtures protected against water
  • Safe operation – opened or closed
  • Durable due to robust design and high-quality materials
  • Protection against unauthorised opening
  • Quick access for authorised persons in all weather conditions
  • Quick availability of spare parts

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An all-in-one solution for flexible marketplace design:

An all-in-one solution for flexible marketplace design

For the stationary supply of power and water at marketplaces, Langmatz has developed a flexible, all-in-one, connection-ready solution that can be flexibly adapted to specific requirements. It is entirely irrelevant whether a power or fresh/waste water line is needed at just one point at the marketplace or at several: an optimum connection is ensured by a selection of different underground/maketplace distribution systems that can be combined as required by the situation.

The solution concept at a glance

  • As the main optical distribution frame, the EK 880 protects additional outlets downstream of the network connection point
  • The EK 800 and EK 600 allow many different uses of the energy and/or water connection
  • EK 602 compact satellite distributor for energy


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