Polycarbonate Foundations

Infrastructure Solutions for Electromobility

The variable plastic foundations offer the possibility of efficient and temporally flexible installation of charging stations. The construction made of high-quality plastic and the innovative patented 3D-ribFram technology® ensure stability and durability.

Products for connecting charging infrastructure -
Prepare today, expand tomorrow


Solutions for charging infrastructure Electromobility will play an increasingly important role in the future. Langmatz offers the right housing for practically every application situation. For flexible installation of any common charging station (AC and DC) or wallbox, Langmatz offers the EK980, an innovative plastic charging station foundation that enables proactive and cost-effective planning of charging infrastructure expansion. Depending on requirements, charging stations can then be retrofitted with deployable adapter plates. With this intelligent solution, there is also the option to prepare the project with one-time civil engineering work without concrete and only equip it with charging stations at a later date according to requirements.


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Low transport, logistics and installation costs

Great time flexibility in civil engineering


Langmatz infrastructure solutions for electric charging infrastructure:

Electromobility will play an increasingly important role in the future. Therefore, municipalities, companies, network operators, and service providers are looking for intelligent concepts for expanding electric charging infrastructure that require as little space as possible, consider heritage conservation, and protect sensitive technology from weather and vandalism.