Building cable & pipe entry systems for optical fibre

Together, we bring high-speed internet to every home

The internet is an essential part of our daily lives, it's figuratively our gateway to the world. It's obvious that the internet connection of the future must be fast, modern, and reliable. However, homeowners not only expect maximum performance but also a cost-effective solution. With our Gf-House Entry, you're exactly right: an economical solution without compromises.

The flexible solution for every situation -
Gf-House Entry VarioPipe by Langmatz


Whether with or without a basement, whether built with concrete, bricks, or with hollow blocks.When facing the challenge of having to respond to every homeowner's request, you'll find the perfect solution for every case with us. Langmatz offers various house entry systems for buildings with and without basements for up to five service lines. Additionally, we provide the appropriate sealing technology for all common types of masonry - easy to install, always securely sealed.


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VarioPipe optical fi bre building cable & pipe entry system

DIN 18533 – The new requirements for optical fibre entry ports


Langmatz as a provider of innovative FTTH products (fibre to the home)

Langmatz offers a comprehensive portfolio for the expansion of FTTx fiber optic networks from the Central Office to the building.