EK410 flex - Underground distribution system


Clear width: 250 x 400 mm

Outer dimensions: 360 x 545 x 435 mm / opened 855 mm

Total weight approximately 35 kg

Max. load class B125

Max. protection rating 40 A

Protection class closed: IP48 / opened: IP44

Maximum installation space Dome: 147x224x105 mm

Cover material: chequered stud plate


Our EK410 flex underground distributor features an innovative shaft concept and modular design for flexible site adaptation. The robust construction made of modified polycarbonate ensures durability and resistance to environmental influences. The B125 cover provides additional safety with a swiveling dome, flush locking mechanism, and sockets with line and personal protection according to VDE standards.

Product Features - Body

  • Innovative manhole structure with 3D ribFrame - Modular, resistant, and durable system solution that can be adapted to the specific location
  • Modular manhole structure - Flexible, adapts to the respective situation, and easy to handle
  • Modified polycarbonate (PC) - Hard-wearing, certified groundwater compatibility, UV-resistant

Product Features - Cover

  • Dome (swiveling) - Ideal for flood-prone areas
  • Flush locking and cable outlet - No tripping hazard and secure cable routing with shear protection
  • Locking mechanism for cover/dome - Enhanced accident protection and safe operation of the technical room
  • Dome opening assistance - Easy opening due to low dome weight or two stainless steel gas springs
  • Locking only possible with special key - Protection against unauthorized access - Security
  • Forced opening function - Access even in case of ice and dirt, insensitive to dirt
  • Sockets with line and personal protection - High safety standards and accident protection, according to VDE regulations

Expansion Variant - Dome

  • Socket variants
    • 16A/230V Schuko / 16A/400V Schuko
    • 16A/400V CEE / 32A/400V CEE
  • Line/personal protection switches
    • LS B-16A 1p
    • LS C-16A 3p
    • FI/RCD 40A Type A
  • Mounting plate
    • Individual expansion options for the dome possible