Optical fibre termination device

Simple optical fibre management

As part of the system solutions for FTTB/H fiber optic expansion, Langmatz offers a selection of fiber termination devices (ONT) in various sizes and functionalities in its portfolio. These components are integral parts of the fiber optic architecture, as they connect the cable from the network provider to the network inside the building at the building entry point.

Optical distribution and termination box S

Der Langmatz Gf-AP Gr. S is a quality product that combines many innovative and proven features. It enables easy fiber optic management in a robust, protected housing made of polycarbonate. It stands out for its easy handling and simple installation, with high quality requirements for the accommodation, laying, and commissioning of delicate fiber optic technology.

Dimensions W x H x D 94 x 130 x 25 mm

Optical fi bre cables / micro-duct pipes Inlet/outlet: 1x Ø 5, 7, 10 mm and 2x Ø 5, 7 mm

Mounting panel With management of 12 crimp splice protectors, bending radius limiter and fibre retainers

Splice protection management 12 x crimp splice protection management

Optical distribution and termination boxes

Simple to install with versatile details


Langmatz now has a selection of optical distribution and termination boxes (ONT) in different sizes and with different features in its product range to provide system solutions for FTTB/H optical fi bre networks.

The components form fundamental elements of the optical fi bre architecture, as they connect the network provider's cable to the building network at the building entry point. Langmatz optical distribution and termination boxes are accommodated in a sturdy and protected polycarbonate housing with IP 54 degree of protection. They are suitable for the transition to customer networks, for single-family homes or multiple-family dwellings as well as for companies, and can be used with plug connections, fusion splice connections and couplers / splitters..

They are designed for the easy installation, mounting, routing and commissioning of sophisticated optical fi bre technology for users. Great emphasis has also been placed by Langmatz on excellent fl exibility down to the last detail. Langmatz optical distribution and termination boxes are quality products that combine innovative as well as proven and tested features.


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Flexibility down to the finest detail

Stability and safety – during installation and in operation

Area of application




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Assembly and installation of optical fibre termination device