Fibre distribution cabinets

Flexible Expansion & High-Quality Material

All our above-ground passive fiber optic distribution points are made from high-quality polycarbonate, which is particularly weather-resistant and easily recyclable. The fiber optic distribution point is optimally designed for Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON) and Point-to-Point Ethernet (PtP) fiber access networks.

YOUR BENEFITS: Langmatz outdoor enclosures and outdoor pedestals are durable and secure thanks to high-quality materials


Outdoor enclosures and outdoor pedestals offer a wide range of applications as cable distribution cabinets, fiber optic distribution points, energy distribution cabinets, or energy connection pillars due to the variable expansion options of the enclosures. Modern manufacturing processes enable the implementation of numerous expansions with demanding applications for the telecommunications, energy technology, and traffic technology industries.


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Our newly developed fiber optic cassettes form the core of our innovative fiber management system. They are used both in our fiber distribution hubs and in the fiber termination points. Their optimized geometry ensures precise fiber guidance, while an improved locking mechanism ensures secure retention in every position. The larger channel between the organizer and cassette allows for seamless entry and exit of more fibers. To prevent the fiber from unintentionally popping out when the cassette is opened, the channel closes automatically. Of course, the cassettes feature a robust mounting on the organizer and an appealing design. Last but not least, the unique blue coloring enhances fiber visibility, greatly improving handling. Experience the future of fiber management, all: Made in Germany.


Modernste Architektur für einfaches Handling
Mit der Generation 3.0 des neuen Faser-Management-Systems von Langmatz führen wir wegweisende Neuerungen ein. In enger Zusammenarbeit mit Branchenexperten entwickelt, bietet unsere Lösung eine moderne, werkzeuglose Führung, Sortierung, Umlenkung und Ablage der Fasern und Spleißkassetten. Unser Ziel war es, die Installations- und Nachrüstzeit zu optimieren, wodurch das Endprodukt deutlich intuitiver und einfacher in der Einrichtung wird.


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